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Butter Buddies

Berry Butter

Berry Butter

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Berry Butter
Blackberries, whipped with berry jam and smooth & creamy BC butter. 🤤

What's it like?
This butter is smooth, creamy, sweet, and slightly tart. It goes great on toast, pancakes, and waffles. It can also be your secret ingredient in many baked goods such as muffins, cakes, and pastries.

Who is Butter Buddies?
I am Chef Wyatt, and I have been cooking in restaurants, hotels, and camps for over 10 years and boy do I love butter. I decided to create Butter Buddies when making butter as a side for customers in my restaurants over the years. They would always ask where to get some and if they could take it home. Then I realized Butter doesn't have to be a side, It can be a STAR! And so Butter Buddies was born, creamy, rich, and with so many flavours!
With Butter Buddies, you too can cook like a Chef!


Berry Butter

Ingredients: Salted Butter, Jams and preserves, Blackberries, Granulated Sugar
Contains: Milk

Honey Chili

Ingredients: Salted Butter, Honey, Sirracha Sauce, Red hot Chili Peppers
Contains: Milk

Garlic & Dill

Ingredients: Salted Butter, Garlic, Dill weed
Contains: Milk

Maple Cinnamon

Ingredients: Salted Butter, Canadian Maple Syrup, Cinnamon
Contains: Milk

Shipping & Returns

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6oz Jar which is about 6-8 servings.

Care Instructions

Please keep in the fridge when not in use, pull out of the fridge to soften as needed.

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  • Local ingredients

    We love kelowna and the okanogan, and so we source our butter 100% from British Columbia, and we keep the other ingredients from local farmers when possible. We are proud to say that the Butter Buddies Test Kitchen where we make and try new butters is in downtown Kelowna.

  • Shipping

    We use our Stay cold packaging to get your butter to your fridge A.S.A.P. We work with our shipping partners to achive a one business day dispatch so that you can start cooking, baking and spreading sooner.