About Us

Chef Wyatt has been cooking in restaurants, hotels, and camps for over 10 years and boy does he love butter. "I decided to create Butter Buddies when making butter as a side for customers in my restaurants. Over the years they would always ask where to get some and if they could take it home." That's when he realized butter doesn't have to be a side, It can be the STAR!

And so Butter Buddies was born. Since then we have developed many flavours, creamy, rich, decadent, and intense for both sweet and savoury dishes. We want to help home cooks and chef's alike create excellent dishes that taste amazing but are easy to make. 

We produce all of our butter here in Kelowna with fresh local ingredients. In the summer we work with local farmers trying new flavours while the produce is in season. We also create recipes weekly in the Butter Buddies test kitchen for simple yet delicious dishes of every type to follow along at home and make in minutes.

With Butter Buddies, you too can cook like a Chef!